Things You Think You Need For PC Streaming

Streaming can be an awesome way to build a community and turn your hobby into an empire. Here's a quick rundown of the basics needed to make an awesome stream and some alternative ideas to the usual recommendations.

Wired Internet

I've actually used mesh WiFi to stream a few times and it wasn't bad, but ethernet is pretty much needed for consistency.

Capture Card

Elgato is the most popular, but you can find some really low cost ones that'll work with a bit of tinkering. You can also send your video over your local network, but you would definitely need ethernet for that.

You can see my process using these two capture cards here: Old Streaming PC Setup


Webcams are awesome but your phone can be a much better options. I've actually used my phone as the webcam using IV CAM and it was great! High resolution and it can be hardwired in with no latency. Use code "Vibes" to get 10% off.

A Condenser Microphone

You really don't want to get a condenser mic as it picks up a ton of noise. A dynamic mic would be much better as it picks up noises that are closer to the microphone. You would need an audio interface to power the mic too.